Are you pushing yourself hard but not where you want to be?

You're busy and there's lots happening in your life and at work, and surely, with all that effort you're putting in, everything will work out for the best sometime soon, won't it?!?

You tell yourself that everything is okay and you've got nothing to complain about - you should be happy.

But you know something's not right and you can't keep ignoring it because it's taking a toll on your health and how you show up each day.

And you really don't feel fulfilled.

It's time to take a good look at what's going on.

It's often not until a significant event occurs - the death of a loved one, a relationship ending, an illness diagnosis, redundancy or a serious business issue - that we're jolted into taking a look at what's going on.

Maybe you find yourself in that space now, or perhaps you've decided enough is enough - there's got to be a better way to live and work! 

You need someone who can help you take a good look at what's going on. Someone who can guide you to cut through the noise and confusion, and pinpoint what's happening. Someone who's been there and done that.

Start your REALiving journey...

The REALiving approach has been specifically designed to support and guide you to live and work in the way that matters to you.

I know it's possible to live well. After years of pushing hard, burning out (not just once!) and feeling unfulfilled, I'm living and working my way.

Gain the clarity and confidence you need to live your real life and drop those shoulds once and for all. 

Let's get started.

When you live and work in the way that matters to you, you’ll truly come alive - that’s when you’re living your real life. Ready?
— Tracey Hancock, REALiving Coach + Mentor

Tracey does not give you the answer - you find the answers with her help. She will apply what means she has to make you think another way, opening up different areas in your mind that perhaps had not been considered.
— Jenny, Hamilton (NZ)
Tracey provided me with the insight and tools I needed to make some big shifts in my thinking and behaviours which has resulted in me losing almost 10kg and gaining clarity in every area of my life. The coaching has been invaluable!
— Sarah, Cambridge (NZ)

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